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Madison Honda   Meet Our Staff

Madison Honda : Management

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    David Lee
    General Manager


  • Philip Ferreira
    General Sales Manager

    973.822.1600 x6027

  • Jeffrey Pietrzak
    Pre-Owned Dept Mgr.

    973-822-1600 X6043

  • David Streisant
    Internet Sales Manager

    Email David

  • Hector Vinasco
    Sales Manager

    973-822-1600 X6026

  • Alberto Rico
    Finance Manager

    973-822-1600 X6030

  • Maureen Walters
    Finance Manager

    973.822.1600 X6069

  • Kimberly Eppel
    Fleet Leasing Manager


  • Joe Tyson
    Asst.Sales Manager/ Senior Sales Representative

    973-822-1600 ext 6031

  • Jose Garcia
    Finance Manger

    973-822-1600 ext 6007

Madison Honda : Sales Staff

  • Gary Basile
    Customer Retention Specialist

    Email Gary

  • Miosotty Martinez
    Internet Sales

    Email Miosotty

  • Glori Santiago
    Internet Sales

    Email Glori

  • Joe Tavares
    Customer Retention Specialist

  • Brendan Clancey
    Delivery Coordinator

    973.822.1600 x6008

  • Richard Giordano
    Sales Representative

    973.822.1600 x6037

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    Jacob Feldon
    Sales Representative

    973.822.1600 x6020

  • Mark Stocke
    Sales Representative

    973.822.1600 x6035

  • Paul Roman Fuchs
    Sales Representative

    973-822-1600 x6041

  • Brian Teixeira
    Sales Representative

    973.822.1600 x6048

  • Kamal Bawa
    Sales Representative

    973-822-1600 X6049

  • Jose Alvarez
    Sales Representative

    973-822-1600 X6038

  • Mo Razavi
    Sales Representative

    973-822-1600 X6036

  • Alexandra Zuber
    Sales Representative

    973.822.1600 X6040

  • Silvana Delli Santi
    Sales Reception/Admin

    973.822.1600 x6072

  • Luisa Murillo


  • Marija Haboj

    973-822-1600 ext 6000

  • Tim Gorzelnik
    Sales Representative

    973-822-1600 ext 6050

  • Stephen Rico
    Sales Representative

    973-822-1600 ext 6033

  • Robert Farrell
    Sales Representative

    973-822-1600 ext 6039

  • Joe Allocca
    Customer Retention Specialist

    Email Joe

Madison Honda : Service Staff

  • Brian Parente
    Service & Parts Director

    973.822.1602 x6066

  • Brad Morter
    Assistant Service Manager

    973.822.1602 x6093

  • Jon Pagliocco
    Assistant Service Manager

    973.822.1602 x6061

  • Sean Murray
    Service Advisor

    973.822.1602 x6091

  • Frank Harvey
    Service Advisor

    973.822.1602 x6096

  • Denise Kaba
    Service Advisor

    973.822.1602 x6094

  • Dan Cuccio
    Assistant Service Advisor

    973-822-1602 x6092

  • Andrew Lowe
    Warranty Administrator

    973.822.1602 x6083

  • Peter Mahon
    Customer Service


  • Jacky Sarmiento
    Service Office Manager

    973.822.1602 x6057

  • Randall Bibighaus
    Service Loaner Administrator

    973.822.1602 x6032

  • Robert Dagostino
    Service Greeter


  • Anna Czuba
    Service Receptionist

    973-822-1602 X6034

  • Henry Suarez
    Express Service Supervisor

    973.822.1602 X6015

  • Christopher Lucibello
    Asst. Service Advisor

    973-822-1602 x6095

  • Nicole Bradberry
    Service Receptionist

    973-822-1602 x6059

  • Sara Cosme
    Service Receptionist

  • Eric Robinson
    Service Receptionist

Madison Honda : Parts Staff

  • Brian Parente
    Service & Parts Director

    973-822-1602 x6066

  • Mike Schumer
    Parts Dept. Manager

    800.648.0293 x6067

  • Mike Snyder
    Assistant Parts Manager

    800.648.0293 x6068

  • Bill Pilego
    Assistant Parts Manager

    800.648.0293 x6065

  • Andrew Hemsen
    Parts Dept.

    800.648.0293 X6064

  • Daniel Ramos
    Parts Department

    800.648.0293 x6076

  • Roger Downes
    Parts Department

    800.648.0293 ext 6076

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testimonial pic
Dear Brian, I wanted to thank you for the great service help I received this last trip. Typically I have a good experience with Madison Honda, but this last time was especially seamless. The Hankook tires feel great and along with the other repair (cracked ball joints), the car ride has really improved. I’m betting that what felt like brake related issues in fact had more to do with these. Thanks for setting everything up and letting me know about the tires. Kudos also on the new guy, Brad. He was terrific. He followed through on calling and explaining what was going on. He was also really pleasant. I hope he’s working out well as part of your team. In a few weeks, I’ll be back with our 2002 black accord, which is also needing some big ticket items like the timing belt (not mileage, just age….). These days, I’m feeling as though both cars — and certainly the silver one, my arch nemesis — still have a lot of heart left. See you around the ranch. hope all goes well with you.
Mary Ann